Approaching Financial Decisions In An Uncertain Economy

As we all navigate these challenging months, we find ourselves facing decisions that financially impact our current lives as well as our futures. This uncertain economic time is forcing people to reevaluate assets and look for avenues of settling debt and increasing cash flow. Regardless of how little or how much debt you may currently … Continued

Why Working With a Cash Home Buyer is Your Best Bet

Approximately 670,000 homes are sold in the United States annually. When the time comes to sell your existing residence, you need to look for the path of least resistance. If the home you are selling has been inherited or holds very little sentimental value, you need to get rid of it in a hurry. Trying … Continued
Are Buy Homes for Cash Deals Legit

Are Buy Homes for Cash Deals Legit?

Cash buyers for houses used to be associated with equity purchase companies before the popularity of social media. Now some people call them “opportunity investors,” “cash for house companies,” or “buy a house for cash company.” The housing market has slowed down within the last few years due to an economic decline. Perhaps you’re in … Continued