Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions from Texas homeowners to help you. If you have more questions, please get in touch with us at (210) 300-3307. We’re here to give you the answers you need.

1.) How can I be sure this is my best choice?

Deciding to work with an agent can be a long process, involving repairs, inspections, and many home visits. We take a different approach. We look at your situation and cover the costs of selling your home, giving you a fair offer and making the process quick. Even if your home is in good shape, selling to us might still be a great option for a fast sale. We’ll examine your situation and advise whether working with an agent would be better.

2.) How does selling to you work?

We skip the middlemen like agents and appraisers and buy your property directly with cash, regardless of its condition or location. Here’s how it goes: First, we determine what your home could be worth after renovations. Then, we calculate repair costs and add a bit for profit. We aim to ensure everyone benefits, keeping our profits low to help more people. This way, you don’t have to deal with the costs and hassles of traditional selling methods.

3.) Why choose us?

We Buy ALL Houses San Antonio believes in trust and being upfront. We’ll show you exactly how we came up with our offer so you understand it. We aim to give you the best payment possible and save you time and money. We’re honest and respectful, using our expertise to ensure our offer works for you.

4.) What happens after you buy my property?

Once we buy your property, we fix it up to make it better. Then, we work with an agent to sell it, covering the costs. The money we make helps us keep helping others while improving neighborhoods and local economies.

6.) How do you decide the price?

We look at your property’s worth after repairs and estimate the market value. Then, we determine repair costs and other expenses like taxes and fees. We subtract all that from the value and add a bit for profit. Our offer is usually similar to what you’d get through traditional methods but without the extra hassle and costs.

7.) Do I need to clean before selling to you?

Nope, cleaning or repairs aren’t necessary. You can leave your property as is, and we’ll take care of any fixes after we buy it. Our clients appreciate this because it makes selling easier.

8.) Is your offer fair?

We promise to give you a fair price. We’ll break down our offer for you and show you how we came up with it. This way, you can see that it’s fair and understand why we made it.

9.) Do you buy properties that need repairs?

Yes, we buy properties that need fixing up. We handle all the repairs, so you don’t have to worry about them. You’ll get a price similar to what you’d get through traditional methods but without the hassle. Most deals close within a month, some even quicker.

10.) Do you list houses on MLS?

No, we don’t list properties on the MLS. We’re not agents; we’re buyers. We make the best offer we can, handle the process from start to finish, and take care of repairs and reselling. You get cash fast and all the details you need to feel confident.

11.) Should I list with an agent?

Listing with an agent can be okay, depending on your situation. But it can take a long time and be tricky, especially if buyers have trouble financing. If you want a quick sale without the headaches, we’re here to help.

12.) How can I sell my property quickly for cash?

Selling quickly for cash is what we do best. After we look at your property and its condition, we’ll make you a good offer. We can finalize the deal within days, and you’ll have cash in hand much faster than traditional methods.

13.) Am I obligated after filling out the form?

Filling out the form doesn’t mean you have to work with us. You can change your mind anytime, and it won’t cost you anything. We’re confident you’ll like our approach, but we respect your choice. Our earnings come from the profit after we buy and resell a property.