The Reality of Market Changes

Listen, the fact is that real estate markets are always changing.

This is not the kind of business where you can just learn one thing, and sit back and apply that thing forever. Markets are so dynamic that there’s a constant process of trying to keep up with what’s happening from time to time.

The Reality of Market Changes

When you have experience, though, you can look at the big picture. It’s easier to understand the workings of this complex machine that is a local real estate market. We know that, because after years in this business, we understand the cycles around San Antonio real estate and the ways to help our clients to get the right results, whether they’re on the buying or the selling side.

Here are some of the criteria for figuring out big market changes and making a strategy accordingly.

Interest Rates

One of the reasons that the real estate market changes all the time is that parts of it are based on interest rates, which change every single day.

Our agents know only too well the process of working with loan processors to lock in an interest rate on any given day. If you can’t do it within 24 hours, you have to start all over again. That’s because the lenders all set different interest rates the next day. Nobody really knows what those interest rates are going to be, which adds to the confusion.

This is why an effective agent is such a big value to a real estate sale. He or she can be the driver – the person who holds the hand of the other stakeholders and drives them to the ultimate conclusion, which is having everything done right the first time, getting that locked-in interest rate, and proceeding smoothly all the way to the settlement table. That doesn’t happen just all by itself. It requires work!

Migration and Climate

Here’s another big driver of change in the real estate market.

People are always moving – from here to there, and from there to here. You hear people talking about “hot markets” that are places people just want to move to. Growing cities or places of gentrification are often some of these hot markets. We know where this is happening in and around San Antonio, and we can help you factor that into your real estate plan.

In addition, climate events also create migration. People moved out of New Orleans in droves after Hurricane Katrina, and some never moved back. You have to also look at that as a condition of market – it’s a sad story, and it does have an effect, a lasting one.

How do you apply all of this to the San Antonio market? Ask our capable and professional people. We will help you make your real estate dream a reality!

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