Selling Your Home in San Antonio after Bereavement

Selling Your Home in San Antonio after Bereavement

While the sudden inheritance of a house can seem like a significant windfall for some people, for others, it can be a result of a recent tragedy. After the loss of a parent, nobody wants to have to think about dealing with the empty home that they left behind. Instead of being given enough time to handle your grief, you’re instead stuck with a home that may need extensive repairs and draw your attention away from your mourning. If you’re in the midst of bereavement, but you’re struggling with not knowing what to do with a house that you unexpectedly inherited, we here at Home Buyers San Antonio are here to help.

Remove Personal Effects from the House

After the loss of a parent, you may feel as though your world was suddenly turned upside down. You may be in shock and feel like you’re struggling to make sense of what happened. One thing that can help you come to terms with your sudden loss is to carefully go through your parent’s house and collect anything of value – financial or sentimental – and remove it from the home. That way, you can still feel as though you’re keeping a piece of them with you even after you sell the house.

Don’t Feel Like You Need to Rush It

There may be mounting pressure from other family members to sell your parent’s house quickly if you’ve suffered a recent loss. Nobody can dictate how long it will take you to grieve, and you should never feel rushed to sell the house quickly if you don’t feel as though you’re quite ready to do so. That said, when you are ready to sell, we are more than happy to talk with you about the process of selling it.

Keep Your Family in the Loop

If you’ve inherited a house, it can understandably cause a rift between you and your siblings and other surviving family members. How you approach this is entirely up to you, but many people find that it’s helpful to discuss their plans of selling their parent’s home with their close family. Again, this is an entirely personal decision, but it can help you maintain a relationship with family members who may also be upset over the loss of your parent.

Let Us Take It off Your Hands

When the time comes to finally sell your parent’s house, you may not want to deal with the stress of real estate agents and staging and all of the other fuss that comes along with it. We here at Home Buyers San Antonio understand this, which is why we take the guesswork and wait out of selling your home. If you’re ready to sell the house that you’ve inherited, then please reach out to us. With over two decades of buying homes in the San Antonio area, we are more than happy to pay cash for your unwanted house, allowing you to finally focus on healing from your tragic loss.

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