How to Sell a Mobile Home with a Mortgage

Are you looking to sell your mobile home with a mortgage as fast and as easy as possible? If you still owe money on your mortgage loan, selling your mobile home can be difficult. The good news is it’s possible to sell your mobile home while still having a mortgage. Whether you find yourself in an urgent situation and need to sell your home or you’re ready to move on to a regular house, we’ll show you how to sell your mobile home with a mortgage.

1. Find Out How Much You Owe on Your Mortgage

If you own the land your mobile home sits on, the selling process is similar to selling a regular house. The first step is to pay off your mortgage. To find out how much you owe on your mortgage, call your lender or finance company directly and speak to an account representative who can give you information about your mortgage.  

2. Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

After you find out how much you owe on your mortgage, you need to get the current value of your mobile home. There are many tools and appraisal services online to get an estimate of your home’s worth. Many factors affect the value of your mobile home, including if you own the land underneath it. Understanding how much your mobile home is worth will help you figure out a selling price that will cover the mortgage and hopefully make a profit.

3. List Your Mobile Home for Sale

Once you’ve figured out a price for your mobile home, you can list it for sale. The fastest way to sell your mobile home is to hire an agent specializing in selling manufactured homes. They can handle all the advertising, showings, and negotiations, which saves you all the work from doing it yourself. 

4. Close Your Mobile Home Sale

After finding a qualified buyer, go through the inspection process, and get the funding in place, you can close the sale on your mobile home. If you sell to a company that will buy your mobile home for cash, they will make a check out to your lender or financing company to pay off the mortgage amount. If you price your home for an amount that pays off your mortgage and leaves you with a profit, the mobile home buyers will write a check for the remainder of the amount to you. 

Selling your mobile home with a mortgage doesn’t have to be complicated. At We Buy All Houses San Antonio, we’re happy to explore your options of buying your mobile home and simplifying the process, even if you still owe on your mortgage. Call us today at (210) 300-3307 or send us a message to learn more about selling your mobile home for cash in San Antonio!

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